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Short films, driven by artistic expression and constrained only by their length, go beyond traditional storytelling. They are an important and well-liked tool for filmmakers to engage with their audience. The shortened form is no longer solely for the newbie, from documentary to animation, narrative to experimental. Short films have always played a vital role in filmmaking, storytelling, and culture, and they will continue to do so in the future.

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Submitting Your Project to Denver Shorts Film Festival

Each year, the Denver Short Film Festival selects a mix of short films to be part of a live screening in February. The live event showcases between 25 and 40 shorts, helping to support careers working in the short format while also discovering new talent in filmmaking. Every type of filmmaking style is welcome: animation, documentary, narrative, and experimental stories are chosen to reflect the diversity and range of each year's pool of submissions. The DSFF accepts content that is 20 minutes or under from any country.


Shorts are a big deal!

The Denver Short Film Festival is international in scope, bringing exposure to the world’s best independent up-and-coming filmmakers.

bringing filmmakers together.

DSFF fosters a critical component in Colorado's arts community by connecting local filmmakers with their counterparts around the world, and by providing a venue for culturally diverse screenings, events, and gatherings.

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Our mission is to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world.
It is through the art of cinema that we foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive.

Michelle Dawnson
Submissions Liaison
Noah S. Baker
Executive Director
Jamal Nixon
Operations Manager
Jeremy Lopez
Marketing manager
Gio Toninelo
Artistic Director



DSFF is made possible through the generosity of these great institutions.

the best and brightest short films from around the globe.

We are a unique platform for new talent and
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