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What is a DSFF Official Selection? Official Selections are films that will be screened at the Denver Short Film Festival at the Mayan Theatre in Denver CO USA. We accept short films submitted by filmmakers from any part of the world. All of our Official Selections are the best of the best, and will be selected by our panel of industry judges. All official selections will be announced a month before each year's show on our social channels and here on our website.

Midnight Bound

As nuclear missiles are flying towards Paul’s hometown, he casually explains why he doesn’t want to find shelter or survive the apocalypse.

Double Bondsmen

Brett and Rhett are twin brothers with a wild dream—becoming bounty hunters. But in this economy…there’s not a lot of money in justice.


An unknown tragedy has ravaged the world, a single man and a young boy find themselves questioning their priorities and relationship.

Moving Violation

While heading to a wedding, a simple traffic stop triggers relationship issues in this comedy by Eric Bergemann.


Set amidst an extreme water crisis, two misfits, Ursula and Stuart (Martin Starr), meet at a country music show.

The White Whale

A young man searches for his friends remains after an air attack. A White Whale is the only sign he has.

MeTube 3

Intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure.

On the Fence

An Amercican volunteer in the Israeli army, struggles to command a small military outpost on the Israel-Egypt border.

Horny Kid

The filmmaker's mother tells stories of his youth, causing them to reflect on his current love life at the age of 30.

That Time of the Month

A murder investigation takes a reporter and her cameraman to the house of three women roommates, who turn out to be werewolves.


A Neo-Western/Thriller short film that tells the story of an escaped convict returning home to confront his estranged father.


An interlocking story that jumps between parallel realities as two sets of brothers discuss their dreams of one another.

Born Under Punches

Tyler is trapped in his father’s dream of being a boxing champion, but he’s put up with it for too long.

Max & Taco

Max, a musician, has been sober for six months. On the eve of returning to play a concert, she loses her dog Taco.

Marie’s Fridge

An unusual lovestory. Marie lives alone. An old fridge that she inherited from her grandmother changes her life forever.


Two women find the courage to begin a special relationship.